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Thanks, all!

Thanks all for the helpful comments on my last entry, it did help cheer me up quite a bit!

Almost done here with the school semester as well, and after this, I only have one more semester until I graduate with my Bachelors in Computer Networking, and I get to strike out fully on my own. At least Scrubs Season 9 is shaping up well too, with Top Gear too becoming a new love of mine.

I am debating taking a few of my failed projects and restarting them, though... hopefully get some good public project going, I really could use some way to give back to the world.
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Bombed out of NaNoWriMo by completely failing at writing, bombed my midterm in Implementing Network Security.


Edit: To make this entry more useful, where does everyone usually get their confidence and energy from? What advice would you give to others who are dealing with a lack of motivation and confidence?
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Winter comes soon

And with winter comes the cold, and the fun of winter driving. I'm not fearing it, as I drove through the worst last year, but now that I have drive every day to Uni and back, I'll be burning a lot of gas thanks to a 70+ mile trip. Hopefully my brother, whom I occasionally take with me when we share the same class time, will actually start chipping in for gas. Lots of annoyances as far as money is concerned at the moment, but I'll spare you all that.

In other news, I'm also debating on if I want to take another trip to Texas during the semester break to see my Noir. I fear that my folks would hate to not have me during christmas, and I can't blame them on that... I'll have to play it by ear, I suppose. It is nice to know a little bit, though, that I will have a plan of where I will be after university.

Also, I'm having a lot of motivational problems at the moment too... I'm finding it difficult to get the drive in to push myself to do certain things like writing or working on non-school personal projects. I have the time, I just can't get myself to spend the time on my personal creative projects. Obviously, this showes on how often I update this poor journal!
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Update Fail!

I'm thinking of turning this journal into a more of a "General Thoughts" thingie as opposed to simply dictating what my thoughts are... that and I want to get back into the LJ community. I've neglected this thing something fierce for sure, I miss commenting and getting comments, and all that junk. Now, to find some new people to follow.
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Of Summers and Thoughts

A few more idle thoughts, forcing myself to write more is fun!

1. Star Trek Movie is coming up soon, I'm quite eager to see it, for a few big reasons. One, I'm a fair bit of a Trekkie, so I'm eager to see how good it is, and two, I really need to get out more. Loosing all my local contacts due to time and switching universities really sucks.

2. Been forcing myself to write too, with a medium of success. I find that it is really easy to slip out of the habit and leave projects untouched for months. But at the very least, I am not struggling due to a lack of ideas, it's more of the lack of motivation that is the killer.

3. Speaking of local things to do, I've been meaning also to get in a bit more of exploring aroun my area, perhaps visit people in my local area. I need an excuse to get out of my little shell, so let's hope that I find something to do that this summer.
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The West was Won not by guns, but by attrition.

Sorry about the horrible slacking on updates, I suppose I haven't really been into a sharing sort of mood. However, I am still eager to make new LJ friends, so if anyone randomly cruising by this entry wants to say Hi, feel free!

But yeah, finally survived midterms. It's funny too, how I tend to do a lot better on skill based exams instead of the increasingly game-show like questions on other exams. I find it rather annoying too how these questions are starting to sway from real-world IT practices and ask questions on either outdated/outmodeled techniques, or ask questions about things on a level so technical that there would be no practical reason why anyone would want to know, for instance, how a certain switch is elected to be the root switch under contrived situations.

But enough about me complaining, on to good news! My car's been behaving lately too, which is always good. That and grades have been improving. Still a little hesitant to go out and explore, but that's hard to do with my school schedule. Oh well, not a big deal.
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Air Raid!

Escaped Jury Duty, Hooray!

Managed to get through my jury duty pool by sheer luck of there not being any jury cases in my district. Thank goodness too, as it would have made doing both that and school be rather nasty, with the latest weather not helping at all. Although, a part of me wishes I would have had to go, since it would have helped me get out and about, something which I have been struggling with as of late.

I've been making great strides with my recent effort at making myself write on at least a daily basis. I've been dabbling on a little Trek fiction on the side as a collaboration project with someone, as well as an original fiction that is still in the planning stages. The most important thing for me right now is to keep up my writing efforts so that it gets easier and easier to write about anything, fiction or non-fiction.
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A thought

While at my grandmother's house this thanksgiving, I ran across some strange "Popular Science" books published in the 50s or 60s. They were bound in volumes, like an Encylopedia, and seemed to be very stereotypical of the era in their graphic design. I wonder if it would be worth it, or if there would be any demand if I took some home next time I visit and made some scans, and if so, is there any topics that I should take scans of?
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To NaNoMo or not to...

To NaNoWriMo or not to NaNoWriMo, that is the question. I am tempted to forcem yself to write more, but I am more focused on quality, not quantity... 'tis a very hard decision indeed.